Cool tools and useful websites

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Sierra Death Generator

Your World of Text

The website is an infinite grid of text that anyone can edit anonymously and in real-time. Due to its nature, you should expect a lot of trolling in the open worlds, but sometimes if you make your own, you can keep it secret with a title that's not easy to find.


Remember good old MSN Messenger? Well, Escargot brings it back with their custom server. You can read all about it in their front page. It's easy to install and there are multiple versions based on older or newer interfaces of MSN, so you can choose whichever you remember better or liked the most.


Collection of GIFs from 90's and 00's websites. There's a lot of cool stuff to find with different keywords.

Atom Smasher Error Generator


You can use it to add glitch effects to images, and even save them in GIF or WEBM format. I used it for my background.

Bitmap Font Writer

Archie Font message
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